America the Catspaw

It’s really just Sunni vs Shiite, or more specifically Saudi Arabia vs Iran. The Saudis, clever as they are, long since sensed where the wind was blowing. They used their oil wealth to buy off the US. As a result, the US military went on foreign adventures to do their bidding. The Saudis also cleverly […]

Random Food For Thought

Wisdom from a pair of nonagenarians, and one who is as ornery and grumpy as to be one. The first is from an inventor of a deadly weapon – one that will go down in history as the most destructive weapon. The AK47 has been the weapon of choice for revolutionaries, governments, and terrorists alike […]

The Pope of Inequality

Pope Francis has turned the Catholic world on its head, reversing several decades of conservative dogma and refocusing the church on solving social ills rather than trying to enforce morality. I applaud this act. The church can be a great instrument for social change and to relieve poverty around the world. This, and focusing on […]

This is How Freedom Dies

With the gradual erosion of online privacy in a process so insidious that we take each step as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I’m off Facebook. I never started using Twitter. Is there more I need to do? Forsake Google and carve out my own mail server on a private […]

Refugees and Wealth Babies, Yikes!

The Syrian crisis has left indelible scars on an entire nation. The refugee crisis is the most profound aspect of it. Not only are children uprooted, scarred, and thrown into the midst of war, but they are also adding pressures in nearby nations. This great article describes how they are overwhelming neighbouring Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, […]

Immigrants, Race, and Language – A Perfect Trifecta

What a day for controversial news topics! First, it’s common for certain languages to fade from use as immigrants assimilate. I had thought that the process would be more difficult now that media is more easily available from immigrants’ home countries, but perhaps the US is just “exceptional” in integration. This story about Hispanics losing […]

The Difficulty of Integrating New Populations Today

Wayne graciously came over during a respite from his MCAT studying to discuss politics in a walk around the block. One particular point we noted is the “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the west, which manifested itself in the Boston bombing and the beheading of a soldier in London. The main questions centered around […]

US Still Ideal Country

To make money. While Switzerland comes close, it’s done in by 40 franc/hour babysitters and 8 franc coffees. I’ve said in the past that the US has a few distinct advantages over the rest of the world: As a place to make and save money, due to high income, relatively low cost-of-living, favourable tax rates, […]

Why I’ll Never be Popular at Parties

It’s due to my inability to empathize with individuals (or perhaps my overly logical ability to ponder from all perspectives at the same time).   Examples (both real and fictional): Friend comes to complain about wife/gf in a typical way.┬áMy reply: “Wait, try looking at things from her perspective…” Typical American talking about a piece […]

Sweden and Salaries

Sweden and Australia are quite similar in that they both offer high tax rates and better wages for low-skilled work, due to highly protectionist government policy against cheap immigrants and a generous minimum wage law. In fact, the income distribution for Sweden is so equitable that top professionals don’t really outearn basic service workers that […]