GOAT Update

Dr. Orens in cardiology is surely quite annoyed with me now, as for two days straight I’ve asked him, “What’s your favourite …”. First it was movie, then it was book. Oh, the dirty secret is that tomorrow I’ll ask him about music. He’ll throw up his arms in frustration; I’m sure of it! That […]

India and Thailand 2013 – Second Week Blues

Cough cough. That’s the sound I heard all throughout the second week of chest medicine. The pathology here is less diverse than that seen in dermatology, though almost as interesting. Note that when I say less diverse it still means loads more strange and exotic stuff compared to the US. Thankfully, I trained at HCMC […]

The Most Inspirational Figures

Throughout medical school, there were a few inspirational characters that have made a mark on my life and way of thinking. Elizabeth Pisani: I was first exposed when I picked up her book Wisdom of Whores off of Tyler Cowen’s recommendation (he’s surprisingly good for many things, including food advice, book recs, and general econ […]

How to Discourage File Sharing

Bittorrent is a big deal. The number quoted is anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of *all* internet traffic in the world, albeit a bit skewed by the large file sizes and tempered in recent years by streaming video. Dan Ariely even had a moment of catharsis when his own intellectual property was pirated. Yes, it’s […]

The Problem With Julia

What is it with the name Julia to be associated with tears? Been chugging through The Magician Kings now (a fantastic read; thanks for the rec, Mike), and the amount of sorrow is overwhelming even compared to the first book. Urban fantasy is definitely now on my radar after Lev Grossman and Amber Benson (and […]

What’s Next For Me

Just finished with the EM rotation. Man, it was a blast. I’ve never had so much professional growth in so short a time before. The staff were all wonderful and constantly challenged me to think more critically and broadly. My base of medical knowledge increased for sure. However, the rotation was demanding with the constant […]

Name the Greatest, and Then the Most Underappreciated (People Edition)

(My own choices given, reflecting personal prejudices) Actor (Kate Winslet, Nathan Fillion) Artist (Rembrandt, Darrell Sweet) Author (Haruki Murakami, Roger Zelazny) Blogger (Tyler Cowen, Jeff Atwood) Composer (I’m afraid my musical talents are not sufficient to judge this category) Director (Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam) Economist (Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises) Game Designer (Shigeru Miyamoto, […]

The Truth About Obama

In reflecting on Mr. Obama’s campaign, I’d like to go back and review my own thoughts from then: A very agreeable and optimistic man. His slogan of “change” and “hope” is certainly refreshing in usually vitrolic campaigns, but they belie his lack of experience, especially on foreign policy. I’ll give him props to standing up […]

The New Novels

Novels are so 19th century. They’re slow to develop, boring to read, and often written in ye auld language. I mean, assigning Shakespeare, Chaucer, Beowulf, Virginia Woolf, etc. to modern schoolkids in the age of Twitter is just asking for failure. Even for educated and self-anointed sophisticated adults like myself, I much prefer books written […]

What I’m Eagerly Awaiting

In terms of movies, games, and other entertainment to be released in this coming year, there are plenty of things to keep me salivating. Sadly, Dance with Dragons was over far too quickly and hiking in the same outdoors can get old after a while. Here they are: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Deus Ex 3: […]