How to Discourage File Sharing

Bittorrent is a big deal. The number quoted is anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of *all* internet traffic in the world, albeit a bit skewed by the large file sizes and tempered in recent years by streaming video. Dan Ariely even had a moment of catharsis when his own intellectual property was pirated. Yes, it’s […]

What’s Next For Me

Just finished with the EM rotation. Man, it was a blast. I’ve never had so much professional growth in so short a time before. The staff were all wonderful and constantly challenged me to think more critically and broadly. My base of medical knowledge increased for sure. However, the rotation was demanding with the constant […]

The Endless Game

If this is any reflection of our future, it’s going to be dismal indeed. Funny things dredged from the comments (the best of crowdsourcing humour, so to speak) very much in the vein of slashdot: Brian Reynolds made Civ II and Alpha Centauri… and now he works for Zynga. How the mighty have fallen. Can’t […]

Name the Greatest, and Then the Most Underappreciated (People Edition)

(My own choices given, reflecting personal prejudices) Actor (Kate Winslet, Nathan Fillion) Artist (Rembrandt, Darrell Sweet) Author (Haruki Murakami, Roger Zelazny) Blogger (Tyler Cowen, Jeff Atwood) Composer (I’m afraid my musical talents are not sufficient to judge this category) Director (Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam) Economist (Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises) Game Designer (Shigeru Miyamoto, […]

What I’m Eagerly Awaiting

In terms of movies, games, and other entertainment to be released in this coming year, there are plenty of things to keep me salivating. Sadly, Dance with Dragons was over far too quickly and hiking in the same outdoors can get old after a while. Here they are: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Deus Ex 3: […]

News Roundup

Mind-Bogglingly Big Ideas about life, the universe, and everything else. Truly, the author has some grandiose ideas and ambition in crafting a theory of everything. Indie Game Looks like an interesting indie game. There seem to be a lot of those lately. Eschalon Book II just came out for Linux a few weeks ago. An […]

The Best 10 PC Games

I’ve been inspired to do this by the furor over PC Gamer’s list of top 10 games. This list is mostly from personal experience, so it obviously excludes games that I’ve not had the fortune of playing (and all console games, of course). You’ll notice a trend here; many games were released in the 97-01 […]

This is So Cool!

Starcraft AI Competition!

Lobbing Mortars from Hell

Was reading Phoronix today when I encountered this great quote about S3 graphics: Personally, S3’s biggest recognition in my life was playing Heavy Gear 2 at a LAN. Some putz was putting mortars on us from way the Hell at the far end of the map with impunity. After allegations of cheating and threats of […]

From Runescape to… This

Online games are bad. WOW sucks up tons of time and ruins lives. Maple Story and Runescape have caused my brother to dip into theft and credit card fraud to purchase premium items. But worst of all is Jeff Atwood’s discovery of a game called Civony which slowly descended into pornography to attract players. Witness […]