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Genuinely Stupid People

I very rarely get mad, especially over something on the internet (it’s amazing how much bravado the anonymity of the internet brings out), but sometimes the degree of stupidity just makes me frustrated. This came to a head with an article I read today about not vaccinating one’s children. Just a small pet peeve of […]

News Roundup – Happiness Edition

Apparently HuffPost  stole my thunder and came out with an entire section of their webpage dedicated to healthy living and happiness. They do have some interesting articles, which I have listed here. The first post that really jumped out at me is about the new generation of doctors. They combine modern expectations about work/life balance […]

Exciting Future Plans

Really excited about the things being I’ve set in motion recently, mostly involving business ideas, blogs, and upcoming trips. Planning to subdivide this blog into 3 commercially hosted blogs, in part to promote my upcoming book and websites. One will focus on how to live life, evidence-based approach to happiness, fun things going on in […]

Doubling Down on No Regrets

Intern year is in full force, and man has it been sucking up my time. The nice thing is finally earning an income (and saving a huge proportion of it), and having more structured time. There are fewer tests and other fixed drains on one’s time. Though there is less free time after work, the […]

India and Thailand 2013 – 3rd Week Clinicals, Little Kids and Viruses

Third week posting is pediatrics. I only took a 4 day session this time because I was still so tired from Nandi Hills on Sunday. So Monday was a relaxing day off to get some work done. Pediatrics follows a similar routine to the other medicine-like specialties. There are so many patients though that students […]

India and Thailand 2013 – Second Week Blues

Cough cough. That’s the sound I heard all throughout the second week of chest medicine. The pathology here is less diverse than that seen in dermatology, though almost as interesting. Note that when I say less diverse it still means loads more strange and exotic stuff compared to the US. Thankfully, I trained at HCMC […]

The Most Inspirational Figures

Throughout medical school, there were a few inspirational characters that have made a mark on my life and way of thinking. Elizabeth Pisani: I was first exposed when I picked up her book Wisdom of Whores off of Tyler Cowen’s recommendation (he’s surprisingly good for many things, including food advice, book recs, and general econ […]

India and Thailand 2013 – First Week at St. John’s

So I’ve now gotten settled in Bangalore and can kick back to relax a little. The Annexe is a nice accommodation overall, and definitely very reasonably priced considering how high-end a district it’s located in. St. John’s is walled campus that, though surrounded by 4 busy streets, has hardly any noise pollution. It’s truly a […]

How You Know You Have It Made

if winning the Powerball won’t change how your life is going. I mean, I will still need my degree(s) to work in some combination of public health, research, and administration on a locums scale. I can’t think of how a $500 million windfall will change how I do things too much, especially given how much […]

Consolidation of Private Practices – Why is this a Bad Thing?

Maybe it’s a generational gap, but I don’t see the downsides of being a hospital employee rather than running and owning a private practice. Sure, in practice, one gets to keep more of the revenue, but that revenue is intensely unstable. The owner has to manage employees, file complicated tax returns, adjust to medicare slicing […]