The Downside of Speaking Too Many Languages

Though I swear I don’t get them confused in my head (I “enter” into a “mode” where I think, act, and behave in that particular language), an odd thing happened while driving into work this morning. I usually run my language tapes as a way of multitasking and staying sharp on them (how easy it […]

Quirks About the Midwest

Having spent 4 years in the Midwest, I have some vivid memories of some quirks of the people there (as an impartial outside observer), ranging from the bizarre to the merely confusing. People are remarkably insular. This I think is due to growing up with the same group of people from grade school on. There’s […]

A Thought

Women take it quite hard when they offer sex (outside of soliciting) and are rejected. I wonder if men take it similarly hard when they offer commitment and are turned down for that. Just think about all the jilted guys at or before the altar thanks to the flighty feet and hearts of runaway brides […]

Another Wonderful Day

Another Wonderful Day

One day before the exam, I decided to take a leisure day and not do any studying. So, Wayne and I went on an all day outing. We headed out to Uvas Canyon for a 4 hour hike, saw some nice waterfalls, and then came back to eat a wonderful meal at Kabul, an Afghan […]

My Ideal Woman

It’s been a long time in development, but I feel I finally have a grasp on what traits my ideal woman needs to have: In short, a tall (170 cm+) willowy brunette with long hair, big eyes and a shy smile, from Lithuania, who grew up in Singapore, speaks 4 languages fluently (each from a […]

The Dying Days of Empire (Reborn)

For those wishing to experience live in colonial era India or Indochina or French Algeria now have the option. I know that some westerners reminisce of the dying days of empire where plantation owners could lay on a hammock and watch legions of workers harvesting cash crops. One can now experience the same sort of […]

How You Know You Have It Made

if winning the Powerball won’t change how your life is going. I mean, I will still need my degree(s) to work in some combination of public health, research, and administration on a locums scale. I can’t think of how a $500 million windfall will change how I do things too much, especially given how much […]

Why I’ll Never be Popular at Parties

It’s due to my inability to empathize with individuals (or perhaps my overly logical ability to ponder from all perspectives at the same time).   Examples (both real and fictional): Friend comes to complain about wife/gf in a typical way. My reply: “Wait, try looking at things from her perspective…” Typical American talking about a piece […]

How To Get Laid

as a nerd. MR again has the answer (key emphasis mine): Butter November 5, 2012 at 2:02 pm Epic Fail on the e-harmony profile. He’s over-signalling intelligence. There’s a good paper about how much to optimally signal, like when you have a PhD to put it on your business card or not. This guy is going […]

Funny Stories About Debt

Rapidly becoming one of my more frequented sites is thebillfold, which features stories that border on the unbelievable about individuals getting out of debt. There’s this one about becoming a [temporary] gay prostitute. Side note: women should be paid less for the same job compared to men because they always have the option of falling […]