Life Happenings

Travel Itch Again

Ugh. I clicked on an account of a road trip through Siberia¬†and now I want to go dash off and explore for 3-6 months. It really got my travel juices flowing again. Good thing I have the NYC trip coming up, and Hawaii after that (though they’re both pretty tame as tourist places), else I […]

The Downside of Speaking Too Many Languages

Though I swear I don’t get them confused in my head (I “enter” into a “mode” where I think, act, and behave in that particular language), an odd thing happened while driving into work this morning. I usually run my language tapes as a way of multitasking and staying sharp on them (how easy it […]

Exciting Future Plans

Really excited about the things being I’ve set in motion recently, mostly involving business ideas, blogs, and upcoming trips. Planning to subdivide this blog into 3 commercially hosted blogs, in part to promote my upcoming book and websites. One will focus on how to live life, evidence-based approach to happiness, fun things going on in […]

The Art of Letting Go, Framing Perspective, and Developing Good Habits

Warning, this will be one of the most insightful yet scattered posts ever. Today was at first a potentially bad day. I realized, after some scrambling, that I could not find my newly bought tablet. Thinking back, I realized that I had left it on the elliptical machine at the gym and had forgotten to […]

Doubling Down on No Regrets

Intern year is in full force, and man has it been sucking up my time. The nice thing is finally earning an income (and saving a huge proportion of it), and having more structured time. There are fewer tests and other fixed drains on one’s time. Though there is less free time after work, the […]

Another Wonderful Day

Another Wonderful Day

One day before the exam, I decided to take a leisure day and not do any studying. So, Wayne and I went on an all day outing. We headed out to Uvas Canyon for a 4 hour hike, saw some nice waterfalls, and then came back to eat a wonderful meal at Kabul, an Afghan […]

What a Productive Day!

I usually don’t blog about random going ons in my day, preferring to talk about my thoughts on interesting things going on in the world, but this day merits particular attention. In a burst of productivity brought upon by the pressure of impending deadlines (they’re not good for health, but they do spur work to […]

Surprising Developments

Better and better! Recently a batch of surprisingly positive developments have all clustered together. They are as follows: Security deposit refund from landlords (essentially found money that I had not expected back) New P&S camera on discount for impending travels, to replace the old broken one Acceptance into the Chiang Mai site for the spring […]

What’s Next For Me

Just finished with the EM rotation. Man, it was a blast. I’ve never had so much professional growth in so short a time before. The staff were all wonderful and constantly challenged me to think more critically and broadly. My base of medical knowledge increased for sure. However, the rotation was demanding with the constant […]

Type I and Type II Fun

At the end of my ID rotation, the group celebrated at a nearby bar. The staff doctor ordered Sierra Nevada pale ale for the whole group, and in the discussion, the concept of hobbies and fun came up. So there is type I and type II fun, defined thusly: Type I: things one does for […]