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Why am I so stupid? I shouldn’t even be in engineering.


Aaah! I’m going to drown in work this next week. Must study hard for midterms. Must ace them to give myself some breathing room. 61c went well, but now comes the real test in EE40. As of now, I still haven’t decided which class will give me my low grade this semester, 134 or 40. […]

Night Coding

Why am I still up at this hour? If Zyline finds out, she’ll kill me. Well, obviously, I’m doing the coding that I should have done last week, hehe. I’m proud to say that I started working on it essentially tonight. It’s not that hard after you figure out the key algorithm behind it. Anyways, […]


Languishing in CS discussion, my mind turned to thoughts of 1998. 1998… it was all just a dream. Everything that happened… it’s all gone now. The person I was – I don’t think I can ever be that again. Every man has within him the image of a woman – not the image of a […]


I blame Zyline. Twice now I’ve been outside in the cold – once in a t-shirt and once in shorts – walking around. It’s all her fault too. Geh. Now I must swallow more of her medicine. Clearly, I am too stressed. By the time of EE40 discussion today, I was drifting and babbling incoherent […]


Yes, I logged on today to check my server’s logs and guess what? The auth.log file was 20 mb big. Okay, at this point, even in someone as dense as me, some synapse tells me that it’s not quite right. Thus, I opened it. Lo and behold, some guy from Melbourne had been trying to […]


Why do we live? I mean, what keeps people waking up every day and milling around at school, work, or wherever they live? What’s the incentive? Before, I always thought that it was the treasured pursuit of happiness. There’s a belief that if we work hard and pay our dues, we will be rewarded in […]

Raison d'etre

Listening to: Qing Fei De Yi That’s quite an interesting song. Quite indicative of what I’m at the moment. Anyways, I have to finish grading a bundle of EE20 papers >_<. It looks like the newbies have a test next week that they need the answers for. Oh well. I’ll be the super grader and […]


I find it interesting how at this point, so many of my friends are complaining about how they need to upgrade their machines or at least buy a new one. Even when they already have 2 ghz or faster computers, they just seem to throw them away or complain about slowdowns in performance. The thing […]

Beginning of a Tale

Well, walking home with Zyline yesterday, I formulated the rough outlines of a story. It probably won’t be what was foremost in my heart the past year, but it’ll suffice =). I’ll have to save that story for another lifetime. Anyways, I’m a bit bored of the regular fantasy stories. It’s been a while since […]