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August Update – Other Thoughts

The Middle East has always been a hotspot of violence and activity throughout its history. It is the birthplace of three of the world’s great religions, not to mention many more minor ones. It’s not surprising that there has been a recent surge in violence. With the current situation, I doubt that there will be […]

August Update – Microsoft and Linux

Microsoft certainly has an obsession with Linux. While I can’t disclose what goes on in the company’s strategy rooms and the latest reports on many fronts (I work with the Server and Tools business) in the war with Linux. Mark me, it is really a war there. There are groups within the company dedicated to […]

August Update – Miguel de Icaza

During my time at Microsoft, I attended the Lang.NET conference. It was there that I met many legendary figures of tech. Most regular people don’t associate the names Anders Hejlsberg, Jim Hugunin, Miguel de Icaza, John Carmack, and Bjarne Stroustrup with anything, neither geeks nor heroes. To me, they are some of the brightest minds […]

August Update – Life

So, I haven’t blogged for 3 months or so. How typical. Well, somehow I ended up in the Seattle area for the summer at an internship for Microsoft Corporation. Before anyone lambasts me for abandoning my principles, I must explain that I don’t have any animosity towards Microsoft (not after the five-digit salary they deposited […]