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Read this and this. I’ll have a follow up soon.

Women in CS

Books such as “Unlocking the Clubhouse” have asked the question of why there are so few women in computer science. Even while other subjects such as math and physics have reached gender parity (actually, women have exceeded men in both numbers and aptitude), computer science, along with other engineering subjects, remains the elusive subject that […]

Hell Freezes Over

Well, it looks like the Democrats have pulled it off. Now the challenge is for them to figure out how to govern effectively enough to maintain their majority. That’s a bit of a problem, however, as common wisdom says that Democrats are better at governing while Republicans are better at winning office. We shall see […]

Before the Maelstrom

Tomorrow is the day when Americans will make a fateful choice about the direction of our country. I’m favouring the Democrats on this one not because of their policies (they’re as bad as some right-winged parties in other countries that I’ve lived in), but because we desperately need a change from the current corruption. Tomorrow […]

Why Firefox Sucks

Friends, it saddens me to be the bearer of terrible news – Firefox has sold out. The once glorious darling of OSS has gone corporate on us. I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the unannounced earnings in the tens of millions (all revenue derived from a contract with Google that pays Mozilla Corporation a […]