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What the

From Dr. Z’s post “Winning ugly” in Yahoo Sports: “This isn’t a question as much as an observation. I have finally come to the conclusion that your explanations are simply a means of befuddling the reader to the point where he or she can neither understand nor contest your reasoning. Well done in a season […]

There's Something About Mary

Yesterday was interesting. While riding the BART home, a girl carrying three bags, including a backpack bigger than she was, and a green beanie hat walked on and sat in a seat close to me. Her face was red; she was panting as if she had just run a marathon. I leaned over and asked, […]

Julia Allison and Other Great Corners of the Web

It’s refreshing finding someone with original and insightful opinions about life. It’s even more intriguing when she is a sex columnist who has had interesting life experiences. Read about her escapades with Harold Ford Jr., why gentlemen prefer brainy girls, stupid rich people, and a social party with the 50 hottest men in America. In […]

Wonderful Day

Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day. =) Now I’m just relaxing to Eagles – Take it Easy.

Apparently, I have bipolar disorder

Ack! Ajax is the worst. My work at the Freeling Lab is finally paying some dividends though. We’re working on a really cool genomic database and comparison tool that can be used to find synteny between organisms as distinct as Arabidopsis and humans. This is cool stuff! The only problem is that the API is […]