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Romantic Humanism

I abandoned organized religion long ago, when I realized that it was nothing but a trap. Religion was conceived by humans to explain the supernatural, but even a society like ours that understands so much more cannot bear to abandon such an antiquated concept. Voltaire once said that, “If God did not exist, it would […]

Weird Dream

As with all dreams, seldom is coherence present. Rather, several important matters that have been haunting my subconscious surfaced and blended into a singular tapestry. This Thursday morning, I dreamed that this strange girl moved into the neighbourhood. I somehow knew that she was a witch, so I confronted her in her house. When she […]

Discussion 8 Notes

From the discussion on doping and pn junctions. Note that you will not need to know lots of this stuff, esp the physics. This was a modification by the prof b/c of EE42 students. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

The Orgiastic Future of Green Lights?

We can’t do anything to change yesterday. Instead, let’s strive to change tomorrow. History will vindicate me, and I will write history.

Worksheet 3 Solutions

Sorry that some parts got cut off. This is a result of ordering a quick scan =P. Also note that problem 2’s cosine wave should be shifted by 1/8 and not 1/4. Otherwise, cosine and sine will be in phase and you won’t get a special output. Also, I labeled the intervals wrong for that […]

Midterm Prep Materials

I know the midterm is coming up. Several tips to consider: On Friday, CCH made a list of the *content* of the midterm. Study those. Positive feedback for op amps and the small signal model for diodes (shockley) are guaranteed not to be on the midterm. (confirmed by CCH) Clipper circuits, nonideal behaviour for op […]

Extra Diode Problems

If you want some practice with diodes, here are some good problems. Diode Problems