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Where The Sun Shines Not

Quo vadis Sun? That’s the question that’s been the centerpiece of many disappointed SUNW investors over the years. Let’s trace the problem back to the roots. Sun was started by a bunch of visionaries, most notably Scott McNealy and Bill Joy. They sold Unix workstations and servers, quite a lucrative business back then when those […]

The Problem with Executives

After reading the reports on E3 (a shadow of its former self, btw), I’m convinced that the key failing of corporate executives is that they don’t “get it.” A company’s profitability depends on its sales, and sales result from customers. Therefore, it’s a no brainer that a profitable company will do what it can to […]

Free Agent Frenzy!

Too bad the Sharks didn’t get in the action for Chris Drury. He’d have pushed them over the top. Instead, it looks like the Rangers, Ducks, Wings, and Penguins will duke it out for the championship next year. *sigh* Funny thought by someone on a forum: “If Drury came to SJ, where would he play? On Marleau’s left? […]