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Better than Drugs

Wow. What a real trip. For a wonderful high, just ponder the origins of the universe, its expansion into the void, how the void came to exist, and how the initial energy/matter was seeded. Better yet, do so after looking at this photo. I did that and my mind just went haywire. Thoughts and images […]

Upgrade to Windows XP

Very neat.

The Externalities of Moore's Law

Green is good. With the advent of Energy Star 4.0, there is the real hope that power usage and waste can be reduced. One way to do this is to reduce one’s consumption, especially in electronics. I forgot the link, but a new computer requires a hundred litres of water, various halogens and heavy metals. […]

Was Lyndon Larouche Right?

Was Lyndon Larouche Right?

Compare this with .

Early Xmas Gifts From the OSS World

OSS is wonderful. Though it has bugs at times and often feels like it’s in a perpetual beta (with the exception of CentOS, RHEL, SLED, FreeBSD, and Debian stable). This season though, there has been an explosion in completed projects, version releases, and feature drops. Among them: Netbeans 6 radeonhd iwlwifi nouveau Kde 4.0 (soon-ish) […]