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Collapse of the American Dream

The article that inspired this thought. I really don’t have much faith in the economy, not after the recent rate cuts by the Fed. The US reliance on continued debt and growth is unsustainable. The US companies have relied on increased consumer spending to show growth, and to help consumers access easy cash, they developed […]

Boundless Creativity

It’s on times such as these that I feel a certain sisterly kinship with Miyazawa. People like you… you’re so amazing. You’re all aspiring writers, directors of the school play, or med school acceptants. You all already have real skills and love for something. All I can do is study well. All I can do is struggle to clutch […]

Mini Thinkpad T61 Review

Mini Thinkpad T61 Review

After much deliberation, I decided to purchase a Thinkpad T61 last November. That was partly because of opportunity and need. Opportunity meant that the machine was in deep discount (two 10% coupons stacked in addition to usual discounts). Need was because I was putting my old laptop to use as a dedicated home theatre setup. […]

Presidential Endorsement Time

John McCain – I’ll give it to him; he’s honest. He’s also got great integrity. You saw how polls repeatedly slammed him for his Iraq War support, but he stood by his beliefs. I feel that if elected, he’s not going to cave in to the interests of wealthy donors or interests and sacrifice the […]

Wit and Spit

Brother was pretty amusing today. Some highlights: When a package arrived from, he exclaimed that it must have been a bomb inside and that the delivery man was a terrorist. Later, when we were watching Serenity, he cried out in the last fight scene with phrases from our UT2004 days. Memorable ones such as […]

So, what have the Brits done in the last 100 years?

That is exactly how Wayne keeps taunting me – by constantly reminding me of the supposed inferiority of the British, Canadians and French to the Americans (depending on which nationality I act). Well, the Brits have produced: Music: The Beatles Humour: Monty Python Beauty: Keira Knightley, Kate Beckinsale, Rosamund Pike Underrated Talent: Ian McEwan Stupidity: […]