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gcc vs icc

As someone who’s always interested in the performance of software, I haven’t found many comparisons or benchmarks of compilers. Of particular interest to me are optimizations possible when using SIMD instruction sets. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that someone had already done a benchmark by comparing execution times of x264 and oggenc […]

A Tidbit of Fun

This made my day: In a post on Would you recommend software engineering [as a profession] to a young person?: “Service to others brings happiness…. not software, not even Java”

Shows That Made Me Cry

Full Moon wo Sagashite Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Now and Then, Here and There Hoshi no Koe and now, Desperate Housewives, whose last episode of the first season has the dubious distinction of having made me laugh and cry at the same time. Oh the pain!

Thank God for Google News

Thank God for Google News

So what’s going on with Windows these days?

Murky is the Water

The Bush Administration is known as the most secretive one in history, according to the number of confidential documents created during the regime. One particular badly-kept secret of the administration is its use of military contractors in Iraq. This allows the occupation forces to go beyond the normal military limits in terms of interrogation and […]