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They Call It Schadenfreude

Talk about lacking common sense. I was browsing Google Finance early this morning and happened to see two interesting threads. Reproduced here for your enjoyment: Fannie Mae: This stock needs a shot in the arm.  Where is Paulson?  This is a slaughter house.   HEEEEEEELLP???? Freddie Mac: Please Bernake, Come on TV and say something, […]

Wealthy, Successful (and Single) Women

It’s the latest rage in self-help and relationship books. Women who are successful in their careers seem to have trouble (at least they think) in finding romance. MSN Money (thought: Why money?) has the lowdown. My take on this whole thing is that the women’s fears are justified. Men in general do not enjoy dating […]

Telemarketing Scams

Early yesterday morning, I was rudely awakened by a call just as I was about to enjoy my last day at UCSF. The caller was using the number 925-230-2800, which I had never heard of. The voice on the other side claimed to be from the Oakland Tribune and requested payment on an automatic renewal […]

Nsist on Ntel

This is why I don’t buy a discrete graphic card for my laptops. The desktop ones I do buy are all ATI branded. I’ve owned two nvidia cards – a TNT2 and a Geforce 2 GTS – both salvaged from old machines. Both have broken down while in use. An nvidia nforce motherboard also died […]