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Waynisms Revisited

Me: I thought of the most romantic way ever to do it. First date at Chez Panisse, proposal on the banks of the Seine, and a honeymoon trip around the world. Wayne: You know, Mr. Lee once said to us, “Don’t go with a one carat diamond until she says yes.” Me: What does that […]

Recovering From a Hard Drive Crash

One of the lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way over the years is to have multiple backup copies of everything important. Unfortunately, disaster struck at the opportune moment when I was transferring files and didn’t have a backup copy. The story goes as follows: I had just built a new computer and was […]

Aspiring Artist Alert – Teresa Tseng

One day last semester, I was searching Youtube for a copy of F.I.R’s song 你的微笑. One of the renditions I stumbled upon was by a young high-school artist called Teresa Tseng (曾咏霖). After digging further, I found the following gems: Zhang Hui Mei (阿妹)’s 记得 [youtube=] Sandy Lam (林忆莲)’s 夜太黑 [youtube=] Liang Jin Ru (梁静茹)’s […]

Reactions to Jesse Helms's Death

At age 86, Jesse Helms, the longtime senator from North Carolina, passed away on the 4th of July. Though we grieve for his family, we must also contend with his legacy. And what precisely is that? Many people in the media have thoughts: Undoubtedly, Helms was a controversial figure, one who embodied along with Strom Thurmond […]

Intel Atom Performance Comparison

Even since Intel released its Silverthorne project as the Atom, I have been salivating at finally picking up a small, cool, light desktop that is a cheap and versatile performer. Why do I need a power-guzzling Core 2 Duo when everyday tasks don’t need something more powerful than a Pentium III? I know because I […]