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Microsoft's Future Vision of Windows – Pay As You Go

Several news sources today have reported that Microsoft surreptitiously applied for a patent for licensing usage based on an hourly ticker. Microsoft seems to be unaware that there is prior art for this method of extracting payment used by say internet cafe, cellphone, internet, cable, car lease, and utility billing. Now, having worked at Microsoft […]

Fashion Alert – viv&ingrid

I’ve always had a soft spot for small mom & pop shops that exist in local communities, and I try to frequent them over more established chain restaurants despite the higher price. In some cases, like with Cody Books, this support has not kept the place from collapsing, much to my sorrow. Despite that, I’m […]

Do Australian Chicks Bang on the First Date?


Liberals and Conservatives

I’ve just had another realization. The most fundamental difference between the two (and the most frequent source of discord) is that liberals want everyone to pay a “fair” share for services through taxation whereas conservatives expect (because it’s so natural for them) everyone with the means to have the freedom to make charitable donations to […]

The Purpose of Blogging

I’ve just had a realization. Blogging is the polite evolution of mailing lists that people maintained. You know, the collection of friends you message every week or so with the lastest life updates, funny stories, and shopping deals. I say blogs are more polite because they are open and opt-in. If you don’t want to […]

Intel and Atom (Redux)

Remember my predictions and investigations a while ago regarding the performance of the Atom CPU? Well, it turns out that Intel has carefully designed its chipset and OEM restrictions to prevent the Atom from cannibalizing its product line all the way to the C2D. Crafty! But the history of capitalism has shown that if you […]

Done with Finals!

For most of us at Berkeley, Saturday concluded the last finals of a brutal fall semester noticeably affected by budget cuts. I was “completed” on Monday (thankfully), but the realization that normalcy had returned didn’t hit me until Friday, when Julia came down to Berkeley and hung out with me for two days. We wandered […]

Added Incentive for Medicine

So, when am I eligible for the train of babes? In all seriousness, I am in favour of the following passage: Entertainers, along with corporate executives and lawyers, were voted as being the most overpaid, while homemakers and educators were among those seen as being underpaid. When comparing the amount of work that a corporate […]

Obama's Transportation Secretary

is caught attempting to assassinate him.