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News Roundup – Jan 15

How big is California’s budget hole? Try these numbers on for size: Yikes. California has been going down the drain since Gray Davis was booted out. The resulting growth in the intervening years between crises never restored California’s intake to that of before. Instead, lawmakers made more concessions and doled out more spending while relying […]

Reflections on China's Quest for Olympic Gold

During the Olympic season last year, various magazines ran articles that revealed how desperate China was to top the gold medal count. The country viewed the goal as necessary to “save face” as a host and also to present its best to the world. From my experience in China, this is a common sentiment echoed […]

Joke of the Day

Courtesy of Slashdot: For those of you who don’t remember, Intel released a Pentium processor back in 1994 that had a bug or erratum which caused floating point division operations to produce the wrong result. After much denial, Intel recalled the chip en-masse. Now, recalling the humour and taglines from that time: How many Pentium […]