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The Joy of Israeli Elections

Israeli elections are always an interesting event, in part because of the large number of parties and their viability thanks to election laws that award a certain number of seats based roughly on the party’s share of the popular vote. Thus, niche parties can emerge with 1% of the vote to control the balance of […]

Anyone Noticed Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ads?

And here I was wondering how MS would react to the Mac vs PC ads. Well, apparently there’s a $300 million ad campaign entitled “I’m a PC,” which showcases different “normal” people who use PCs. They were featured a while back on atdhe’s feeds, but I don’t know of any major networks that carried them. […]

The Irony of Justice

The no-doubt tragic case of a man who maintained his innocence through the trial and while in prison has been resolved. James Joyner has some thoughts on why this is the case.

Public Service Announcement – Watch Dollhouse!

I’ve been a Joss Whedon fan for about a year, starting from when I picked up Firefly after being prompted to by an interesting quote on Amelia’s AIM profile. Though, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t watched Buffy yet. Hopefully, I can make up for that with the amount of effort I’ve been doing […]