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Reflections on the Depression

Obama just fired off a few speeches on shared sacrifice. Meanwhile, Ben Bernanke is urging the government to spend more to recrank the economic engine. Apparently, Keynes’s popularity came about because he was the only one who offered activist ideas to stimulate the economy (aside from the tired supply-side idea of tax cuts). Not to […]

Epiphany of the Day

Illustrating the birth a new open-source developer: Hmm… There’s this thing called Linux. Ubuntu seems to be the distro everyone’s using. What’s does Debian-based mean? Gah! I’m fed up with my programs being out of date, let me switch to Fedora. Fedora’s stability sucks. How about Arch/Gentoo? Even with the latest program, ___ feature doesn’t […]

Women in CS

A recent article on the NYT reminded me of a glaring issue in academia – gender imbalances in different departments. I do not consider this a social injustice like my liberal arts classmates do; rather, I think it’s a natural reflection of societal pressures and preferences. Like it or not, men are drawn to high-paying, […]

Japanese Men Discover Feminine Side

Japan has always been a place with certain traditions, some of which were adopted from elsewhere. Certainly, the concept of manhood is something that has changed over the years, but the latest rebellion against the salaryman ideal installed after WWII will certainly be unfamiliar and awkward for most western readers. The lowdown from the Washington […]

News Roundup – Square Root Day Special

It’s square root day! And that doesn’t come around very often. To start us off, Ginny Brown-Waite, Republican congresswoman from Florida, had this to say about Tim Geithner, “Every time a statement is issued by you, the stock market plummets.” Yikes! We don’t know whether to call that “negative” or “depressin”. Meghan McCain, the daughter […]

The Best Computer Deals

This is something of a public service announcement for people who are in the business of buying PCs. Actually, even those who build their own computers should consider some of the models I’m about to suggest; I’ve found that there are exceptional price savings that one can’t get with a custom build. Then again, the […]

Joke of the Day

“If the worst comes to pass, and there’s now a slightly greater chance that it might, at least it might explain why we’ve never heard from extraterrestrial civilizations: Maybe they built Large Hadron Colliders of their own.” Courtesy of Fox News.

Weird, Freaky, and Beautiful at the Same Time

Found while browsing the Times for financial news.