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Spending Addicts

I’ve harped quite a bit that the US is living on the edge and that people need to get used to a reduced standard of living in the future. The reason is simple: the government and most people are consuming much more than their incomes can justify. The sad thing is that there doesn’t seem […]

Are Netbooks Worth It?

Since my European backpacking adventures is almost upon me, I’ve been thinking of taking along a netbook as my primary computer. That got me thinking about the popularity of netbooks in general and whether they are sufficient as one’s only computer. In my last post, I speculated that the performance is good enough to perform […]

Dollhouse Update

Well, a lot has happened over the past few years with respect to television. Ratings in general are on a perpetual spiral downward, but Dollhouse blew them all out of the water in comparison by scoring abysmal ratings (finale was 1.0 share), even lower than Firefly, which you remember was promptly canceled. Thus, everyone was […]

The Best Linux Games

A careful selection of the best games, given my 4 years using Linux. OSS: pingus wormus nexuiz wesnoth supertux lincity frozen bubbles freeciv freecol Proprietary: UT 2004 Neverwinter Nights ETQW sid meier alpha centauri heroes of might and magic III Windows Native on Wine warcraft 3 (including all blizzard games) aoe 2 medieval 2 total […]