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Love and the Recession

Okay, it looks like the subject is quickly becoming a fad. Half the articles on the recession that I’ve found have dealt with how it’s ruining people’s love lives. Starting with the US and Europe, Reuters India (wth?) reports what everyone already knows: relationships are under strain and couples expect to work longer to pay […]

From Runescape to… This

Online games are bad. WOW sucks up tons of time and ruins lives. Maple Story and Runescape have caused my brother to dip into theft and credit card fraud to purchase premium items. But worst of all is Jeff Atwood’s discovery of a game called Civony which slowly descended into pornography to attract players. Witness […]

Europe and the Recession

During my time in Europe this summer, I caught a glimpse first-hand of how the recession is affecting everyone. I noticed that in England, there were many youths laying about in parks and wandering the streets instead of working. The numbers behind the scenes are quite shocking as well. Britain is dangerously close to heading […]

The Immigrant Experience for Men and Women

Reluctantly, I have added Marginal Revolution to my blogroll. One of the more interesting posts there recently caught my eye. Entitled “Predictions about immigration and attractiveness,” the article states that female immigrants do better in the receiving country than male ones. Not surprisingly, this has been my experience as well being part of the latest […]

Eric Cantor is My Kind of Politician

Previously, he was seen as Jewish, a smooth talker, and fiscally conservative. He’s just recently added the tagline to his arsenal. When whispers started in the Beltway recently about a second stimulus bill (shock, horror!), he replied: “For the stimulus alone, Washington borrowed nearly $10,000 from every American household,” Cantor said. “Let me ask you: […]

If the BBC and NYT Both Say It, It Must Be True

BBC: In China, there are far more boys born each year than girls because cheaper ultrasound scans available in private clinics have made it easier to choose the sex of your baby. That sex imbalance means the odds are stacked against someone like Colin when it comes to finding a wife. His family, like many […]