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Confessions of a Guilty Hedonist

I probably won’t every have kids, and that’s a good thing! Given this recent Time Magazine article on how much kids cost, it’s a wonder how anyone can afford to raise them. This is more than just the upfront cost in dollars; kids take away energy that can be spent pursuing hobbies or focusing on […]

European Recovery; American Stagnation

Europe’s economy seems to have swerved back to growth (albeit still quite minimal). It will be many years though before the full effects of growth can be felt in the labour markets. In contrast, the fundamentals upon which the US economy has been built seem shaky, and the country can only talk about a slowing […]

The Danger of Competition

Competition is good, or so we’re taught. It has been the cause of low prices as companies compete for business, productivity improvements as workers vie for raises and promotions. However, there is an insidious side to this as well. I’m sure you can see that competition can drive companies out of business and stress out […]

The Truth About Facebook

Someone finally has the courage to say it: Facebook isn’t for your friends. Your real friends know what you’re doing already, they can contact you when they want to. Your “fake” friends are the ones on facebook, the ones you never want to call you directly. Facebook is just an online advertisement of yourself. Look […]