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News Roundup

So are geeks cool now? With all the shoddy research going on, it’s no wonder something like this slipped through the cracks. Research on romance and attraction have been going on for some time, with wildly divergent but hilarious results. In the end, it seems that no one, not even women, know what they want. […]

News Roundup

The best of the last week: Sci-fi tearjerkers My personal #1 would be Buffy’s “The Gift”, which makes the list at #5. Many of the other choices should be recognizable by avid sci-fi fans, and if not, should serve notice for you to start watching those. Revisiting this list at times brings back tragic memories […]

The End of an Era

This sombre note marks the passing of several fixtures in my life, some important and some seemingly insignificant to those not privy to the inner workings of my mind. On a macroscopic level, George W. Bush is no longer the president. President Obama has not been president for long, but he is already making some […]

News Roundup

Here is a list of interesting articles or blog posts I’ve aggregated over the past weeks. I’ll do more of this (a la Naked Capitalism) rather than feature extensive comments on individual posts so I can share the increasing number of links without waiting for time to write detailed comments on each. Gavin Newsom plans […]

A Startling Revelation

Thought of this while jogging down Franklin Ave.: Different people have different opinions on how government should spend money. Naturally, this falls along ideological lines so that no one is really ever satisfied. So, how about bringing direct democracy down to individual levels so that each person can choose how his or her tax dollars […]

Thoughts on Health Care Reform

With President Obama resetting the dialogue on health care reform with a major policy speech this Wednesday, I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on a matter very dear to my own heart (and career). For starters, I must express my disapproval at the way that Obama has gone about […]