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Socialism Beats Capitalism; Dictatorships beat Democracies

A well-run central planning system that can make the optimal and most efficient decision every time (arguably the same results as a pure market system) is superior to the market system because it can arrive at its decisions quicker and without the overhead of competition. Likewise, an enlightened dictatorship is more decisive than a democracy […]

Spanish or Spanish

So, I’ve basically decided to dedicate this summer to studying Spanish and touring a foreign country. Looking around, there are two programs that I’m wavering between. The first is Celas Maya, a host-family + intensive Spanish immersion program in Guatemala. The second is GeoVisions’s Conversation Corps program. I’d have to work 15 hours a week […]

Lobbing Mortars from Hell

Was reading Phoronix today when I encountered this great quote about S3 graphics: Personally, S3’s biggest recognition in my life was playing Heavy Gear 2 at a LAN. Some putz was putting mortars on us from way the Hell at the far end of the map with impunity. After allegations of cheating and threats of […]

The Last Word on Health Reform

This will be my last post on the subject, I swear, due to two articles so compelling that they prompted my linking. First, has an overview of the political dimensions that the bill going through the Senate right now addresses. The biggest problem I’ve had with entitlement programs is that there’s a phase out […]

Good Governance Ideas

As a political moderate (that’s the term I use to describe a “classical liberal” who is, in terms of today’s political spectrum, socially liberal and economically conservative), I’ve often disagreed with both parties on their approaches to policy. This is still true for the health care bills floating through Congress. Ostensibly, the Democrats want to […]

News Roundup

More on the 70% marginal tax rate The question is if the penalties for higher income are much reduced benefits, is it even worth it to work harder/longer/more productively? It used to be that this only applied to really high income earners, but due to a component of the health care plan, this becomes the […]

Rachel Getting Married

What a terrible movie. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes says; I’ve disagreed with critics on many occasions, such as the Godfather series. The movie was part of a psychology club dinner+movie+discussion night. Admittedly,  the acting is powerful, and all the relevant players deliver convincing and human roles. However, the scriptwriting and camera work is […]

News Roundup (Econ Edition)

America at work, Europe at play The heading may not be strictly true, but Americans do tend to work more (25.1 hours per week for 46.2 weeks per year). I agree with the blog post, but with not the original post. The difference here is cultural. Without making any value judgments, Americans just seem to […]

Applying Math to Romance

I’m taking a break from studying anatomy to present you with a trifecta of math papers to brighten up your day! The first deals with “The Carol Syndrome”, a common experience to many single women. You’re smart, attractive, and available (or at least you think you are). So, why are so few men willing to […]