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GM's Greatest Failure

Prior to the bankruptcy, I had never heard of GM. I mean, sure, I know they’re a big company and the #1 seller of automobiles for quite some time. But I had never actually seen any car under the GM brand, so I could never go out and buy a GM car, had I the […]

This is So Cool!

Starcraft AI Competition!

News Roundup

Populist Anger Is this the early 1900s again? If so, who would be this era’s William Jennings Bryan? Regardless, class relations have worsened since Reagan took the throne. The financial crisis just showed that the rich get bailed out by their connections in the government while the “common man” can barely afford to buy food. […]

At Least I've Got a Story No One's Told

Note: The article title is taken from “Whatever Will Be” by Tammin, quite an underrated singer. After going to a PNC (Philips Neighbourhood Clinic) volunteer orientation session, I stopped at Hiawatha Mall for some grocery shopping. I also got some food at New French Bakery and Hiawatha Pizza. When I first entered the pizzeria, it […]

Hot Diggity Dream

I’m attending a hockey camp/amusement park. There are two nets side by side with Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby tending one each (wtf?). I start by ripping a shot into the net. Next, I skate up and poke a puck that’s laying by one of their legs past them into the net. Finally, I drop […]