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The Real Ones Behind the Financial Crisis

They are unveiled. This is definitely a book worth reading. I’m waiting for deliciously crafted intrigues on par with Dan Brown’s suspense novels.

Why Unemployment Will Be High

This opinion supports my own view that unemployment will stay stubbornly high for some period of time, possibly forever. The world is on an unsustainable path. There is just not enough demand out there to drive jobs for everyone. My solution, as documented earlier, is to provide a basic stipend to every individual. Those that […]

The Founder Effect

Children in the US are socialized in school from an early age to unconditionally love their country. Unfortunately, this seems to have blinded them to the reality that their country’s political system is far from ideal. Ranging from issues like California’s near bankruptcy to DC’s impasse over important issues such as health care and banking […]

Best Comment on Haiti So Far

I’m sure all they need to do is reduce the top marginal income tax rate and eliminate capital gains taxes, and in twenty years they’ll be the envy of the Western Hemisphere. — Michael Robinson

Interesting Jersey Fouls

She’ll no doubt look back on this sweater stunt fondly when she’s had to explain for the 10,000th time that “Bride 20″ isn’t an indication of her age at the time of matrimony, or that she married a polygamist. — Source We firmly believe in freedom of religious expression here on Puck Daddy, and would […]