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Report from Clinic

A few interesting things have happened in school in the past few months. Once, I encountered Schlievert wandering the halls of Moos Tower. I approached him and asked, in a very Tom-Riddle-asking-Slughorn-about-horcruxes kind of way, “Sir, [for purely academic reasons] why hasn’t someone created a superbug by infusing a bacteria species with antibiotic resistance and […]

More American Exceptionalism

The most incarcerated country in the world.

Anger in the Blogosphere

Why do Democrats act as if bipartisanship is some sort of virtue that they must strive for at all times? Why do they act as if their most important job is pussyfooting around the Republicans? The Republicans certainly have no qualms about pushing their own agenda. If they had the White House and majorities in […]

A Portrait of the Young Man as an (Pick Up) Artist

It seems I’m at my most suave when standing in line. During winter break, at the Minneapolis airport, I was getting lunch at Quiznos when I noticed a lady standing behind me in line. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I tried my hand at being a pick up artist. Here is my recollection […]


On different matters, but they reflect different ways to think about the world. My summary of each is posted. Thomas Friedman: Education is the way of powering the US economy in the next generation. Failure in effectively training workers has resulted in a competitive disadvantage and the flight of jobs overseas. Even skilled workers need […]