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The Fruits of Feminism

The Fruits of Feminism

In my lifetime, I’ve met several types of feminists. One criticized me for “talking differently” to men and women. One chastised me for propagating the politics of inequality by holding doors open for her. Another wanted mandatory quotas for women in “unequal” professions. Thankfully, I have not met one who wanted to kill all men. […]

Is Higher Education Worth It?

There have been a variety of views on the NYT ever since the WSJ published the now famous article about an MD with a half million USD in debt. It’s laughable in a way in that the NYT now attempts to monopolize the sensationalism on a serious topic. Are you in undergrad or planning to […]

Does Democracy Promote Short-Term Palliative Care?

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Pisani’s The Wisdom of Whores, and within the first 30 pages, there have already been scandals, laughs, hyperbole galore, and a certain sarcastic irreverence that permeates her writing. It’s definitely a book worth checking out. But one thing that stood out was in her initial attempts to lobby governments and politicians […]

The Sound of (Ethnic) Music

My preference for music tends towards indie artists and ethnic sounds. Since it’s been a long-ish time since my last update about music, I thought it’d be appropriate to post about some of the latest artists I’ve been sampling. Yasmin Levy sings in Ladino, which has to be one of the most beautiful languages in […]

The Issue With the EU

Maybe you’ve heard about Greece’s debt, or maybe you don’t care much about things that go on outside of your country. Likewise, some marketwatchers worry that Greece will cause the next global recession, but other economists downplay concerns and say that Germany or the IMF will bail the country out. In any case, it’s interesting […]

3 Great Articles From NYT

Paul Krugman unloads on the US government’s malaise over legislation. His anecdote about the dissolution of Poland is particularly entertaining from the perspective of a history buff. Sincere apologies to my Polish friends/readers; you did gain Gdańsk and Wrocław for your troubles. If anything, this article highlights the Obama administration’s absolute inability to win on politics. […]