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NHL Semifinals Predictions

(1) Sharks vs (5) Winged Wheel: Sharks in 7. I can’t pick against my hometown sharks now, can I? Detroit has a rookie goaltender in net who has looked vulnerable in the first round. In addition, they played a grueling 7-round series against Phoenix and drop into San Jose all worn out. The sharks have […]

A Travel Song; A Journey Song

Voting. It’s such a great thing in theory, but it doesn’t work so well for we global citizens. For full disclosure, I have never voted for real government (anything more than for class president) either because I was too young or because I lacked citizenship in a country. Given my current projections for the next […]

NHL 2010 Playoff Predictions

(1) Sharks vs (8) Avs: Sharks in 5. Too much power. Colorado will sorely miss Peter Mueller on their power play. Anderson will crumble in the playoffs and continue his poor 2nd half of the season. (2) Blackhawks vs (7) Preds: Chicago in 6. Nashville has a group that plays without fear, especially not against […]

The Row Over HTML5

HTML5 is a great thing. For many years, those of us who labour in web development have had to resort to various hacks to present multimedia like audio and video on web sites. Due to the slow pace of web standards (OpenGL, anyone?), developers turned to radical new addons like Flash apps and Java applets. […]

My Kind of Guy

The richest Russian has a nice lifestyle to boot.

The Top 10 Most Attractive Job Titles

Move aside, Chief Executive Officer. While glamourous, your job title is trite and has long worn over its welcome. You’ve got to figure that with tons of startups out there, any Joe can call himself CEO. The blonde bombshell standing across from you has probably seen it all before. Instead, try dazzling her with one […]

Fixing the ALT Key After Running VMware

I’ve noticed for the longest time that after entering fullscreen mode with VMware workstation, any keystrokes with the ALT key in Linux would get captured by VMware, even after closing the program. Apparently, VMware resets key mapping upon entering fullscreen mode. The solution is to simply issue the setxkbmap command in a console =).

An Insightful Line

Yves Smith says (quoting Stratfor): “One of the leading reasons the world has been so stable is because the traditional merchant powers have had a deep market to sell into: the United States. Part of the peace accords and reconstruction of Japan included granting it full access to the U.S. market as well as full […]