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The New Economics

Wow, here are some of the most coherent stream of consciousness thoughts I’ve posted. You can actually trace my train of thought through these articles. What is threatening to cause the next great financial crisis? Sovereign debt. Heh, when  I was taking polisci, my professor told me that the teacher’s union had Gray Davis in […]

Some Theories About Jobs

Steve Jobs that is. To celebrate Apple’s recent passing of Microsoft as the largest tech company in terms of market capitalization, we’re going to study the megalomaniac character that is the company’s CEO. For one, he’s insanely wealthy, but not from a salary or sale of Apple stock. No, he gets dividends from Disney, which […]

How To Recover Deleted Linux Files

We’ve all had this happen to us. One moment, we’re working on a temporary file. Then, after an unfortunate tab completion, we delete an important file with rm -fr rather than our intended temp file. What to do? Well, it turns out that we’ve just deleted references to the data in the filesystem. The actual […]

NHL Finals Prediction

(2) Blackhawks vs (7) Flyers: Blackhawks in 6. Heh… we finally reach the cup finals, and I don’t really care for either team. Philly has gotten all of their pieces back, and Pronger always steps up in the playoffs. He’s certainly been dominant this postseason, carrying the team along with Richards and Briere. Claude Giroux […]


I’ve learned a few things about myself. “Do what you want and don’t care what anyone else thinks.” I’ve become much better at the former. Still have to work on the latter a bit. I can be the most charming sycophant when I need to. I get along best with people who are similarly uninhibited […]

Some Interesting Lines

“Ça te va super bien les cheveux frisés. Ça donne une petite touche “wild and free” comme dans une annonce de shampoing ou la fille prend son pied en agitant les cheveux comme une bête sauvage déchaînée.” — Yannou “I’ll elbow you right in the mouth, stomp on your buddy, pulverize your star forward and […]

The Political Insensitivity of Markets

Is it “right” for women to get less money than men? Legally, no. By the market’s reckoning, yes. Now, it doesn’t mean the market is “right” in a moral sense, but it’s a good reflection of reality. Employers have an incentive to pay enough to retain productive workers and maximize their output. If women are […]

The Best 10 PC Games

I’ve been inspired to do this by the furor over PC Gamer’s list of top 10 games. This list is mostly from personal experience, so it obviously excludes games that I’ve not had the fortune of playing (and all console games, of course). You’ll notice a trend here; many games were released in the 97-01 […]

Nativism, Entitlement, Labour, and Wages

As many of you know, one of my biggest peeves is entitlement, especially with Americans and their expectation of high wages. My response is that if everyone in the world earned your wage and consumed as much as you, we’d need 10 planets. There’s obviously nowhere for American wages to go but down, but people […]

NHL Conference Finals Predictions

Sorry this is late; I’ve been on a hike for all of this morning. (1) Sharks vs (2) Blackhawks: Sharks in 7. There’s a lot to be fearful with regards to this matchup. The Hawks are fast, skilled, and solid defensively. The Sharks though have come too far and are more gritty than in previous […]