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Me and Older Women

Strangely, I’ve always received significant attention and compliments from (usually married) older women. That happened again today. I gave a progress report to an administrator and a fellow admin in the room said to me after I had finished, “Wow, technology, art, poetry, and med school. Do you clean as well? You’d make a great […]

A Painful Lesson

Can we have economic globalization without political globalization? The answer from Europe’s past year is a resounding no. The continent”s failures are rooted in a sovereign debt crisis. That is, some countries spent beyond their means, living “high on the hog” using the euro as a shield against high borrowing costs. Economic globalization allowed these […]

News Roundup

Mind-Bogglingly Big Ideas about life, the universe, and everything else. Truly, the author has some grandiose ideas and ambition in crafting a theory of everything. Indie Game Looks like an interesting indie game. There seem to be a lot of those lately. Eschalon Book II just came out for Linux a few weeks ago. An […]

Search for Meaning in a Postmodern World has a great article today. In short, it argues that there are better indicators of progress and advancement of society than growth in GDP. Things like leisure time, quality of life, relative equality, solidarity, stability of society, and abundance of interpersonal relationships are all more difficult to measure but arguable more important to the […]