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Scent of Brine

I wonder, is it uncouth to inquire about perfume that a passerby is wearing? Well, the most attractive woman in my class (too bad she’s a hardcore religious and social conservative) wore a very interesting scent to class, which I inquired about. It was called Light Blue, which has rapidly become one of my favourite perfumes […]

Why You Should Not Trust Professionals

When PUAs retire, they often become bloggers on the subject of human biodiversity (HBD), attempting to spread their Darwinian vision of social and sexual hierarchies. Occasionally, when they feel particularly generous, they’ll throw a bone of advice to all the “beta” males trying hard to develop game. Most of that is bullcrap though. The script […]

Kenya the Catalyst

Kenya is undoubtedly the catalyst for making great quotes. Chris Coons: “Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists.” Lol what the heck, bearded Marxists? I guess that iconic images of Mr. Marx and Che Guevara must have influenced many. Now here is some dude […]

A Childhood Crush

She was my TA in an early biology course. In my memories, she was a hardcore scientist looking to publish and get out of grad school – a stoic brunette with sharp features who rarely smiled and picked apart her students. She’s still as cute as three years ago. It’s good to see her get […]

Tales From the Street

No, not Wall Street. Instead, I’ve had some interesting experiences this weekend on the shady street side of things. Now, I’ve moved beyond my PUA days of following Rule 5a on the handbook by which a seductive eyebrow raise done at the right moment signifies and intensifies sexual chemistry. Following the tight set of rules […]

Famous Borders to Visit

I’ve recently added a wonderful site to my RSS feeds. DivineCaroline not only uses one of my favourite female names but has interesting original articles that few other aggregators link to. Here they list locations of wonderful places to visit with a picture and a brief yet witty blurb. Just reading through the list makes […]

Summer of Discontent

It seems everyone is mad about something these days, and a lot of them are focusing that anger at Larry Summers. So, it must be Larry’s fault that people have spent beyond their means for so long that they don’t know how to survive on a salary that most other people in the world would […]

Bigotry and World Financial Capitals

The return of bigotry in America: If you thought that the public furor of anti-semitism in the 1930s in Germany couldn’t happen today, just look at the emergence of nativist sentiments in continental Europe and in the US. Switzerland banned the construction of new mosques. France is cracking down more and more on headscarves. Turkey’s […]

Japan and Germany

Is it just me or do we get one of these “setting sun” articles every 3-5 years when the Nikkei Dow slumps again? It’s painfully obvious what the government should do but they seem paralyzed and unable to make some not-so-difficult decisions. Is deflation getting you down? Print money. Helicopter Ben can show you how. […]