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Craziness in NY Gov Race

Something entertaining happened en route to the coronation of Prince Andrew Cuomo. There was a crazy man who would have fit right in in mayoral elections in Berkeley or Santa Cruz. Eliot Spitzer may be long gone, but the madam who ran his escort agency is running. Combined at the debate, they produced some of […]

Family Values in the Midwest

The Midwest is a bit of an anomaly in American demographics and politics. The area is mostly democratic in voting habits with high rural support. Individuals are socially liberal towards others and have a pacifist tendency but are conservative when dealing with their own families. People take Thanksgiving seriously, even to the extent of flying […]

France is Burning

Again… Looking through those pics, one thing that stood out is how cute high school French girls are.

The Dismantling of America

Free flow of capital is generally considered a good thing, though you have to wonder at the mental status of politicians who mortgage the country’s revenue generating resources for short-term spending. Even a country as cash-strapped as Greece has refrained from selling its islands. I’ve long maintained that every country should develop a sovereign wealth […]

The Great Divide

On one hand, there is a segment of the population that is particularly disdainful of the elites. These are the ones who find the Tea Party particularly attractive and enjoy tearing down intellectuals. Sarah Palin probably speaks to the lowest denominator in this regard, exalting the “common ┬áman” and celebrating ignorance. I saw this pattern […]

Beauty Standards

It’s important for all (and not just feminists) to recognize the evolving role of women in society. Even if they’ve achieved near equality in terms of opportunities (and judging from college sex ratios, exceeded men in taking advantage of them), women are subject to one harsh standard that won’t be going away any time soon […]

Japan’s Lost Generation

It used to be called the lost decade. Then one decade became two. Finally, an entire generation of young people became lost – disillusioned with economic regression and a stagnant standard of living. There are tough choices to be made. No longer can Japan be arrogant in foreign relations; instead, it must gracefully accept a […]

Revolution Time

In a world facing turbulent times, revolution is the wine all disenfranchised people imbibe. This has made me ponder why it is that all the rich Republicans are so concerned about national defense. After all, with the #1 military in the world, there is no real threat, right? Well, as I was gazing over my […]

Germany and the Immigrant Experience

Alarming reports out of Germany indicate that the country is looking to clamp down on immigration. This problem isn’t a matter of illegal immigration so much as it is about legal immigrants not sufficiently integrating. The danger of massive immigration to concentrated places risks creating ethnic enclaves, which slows integration. Furthermore, the digital age has […]

Taxes and Unemployment

Greg Mankiw’s at it again. My favourite rationalist worries about incentives for the rich in his latest post on marginal tax rates. I acknowledge that higher taxes incentivize leisure over labour, but with the current unemployment, the speaking opportunities and articles the rich forgo can provide jobs for those lower on the totem pole (an […]