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The Recession in the Valley

Has the recession even affected the valley at all? All throughout SF, the peninsula, Santa Clara, and San Jose, life has gone on relatively unchanged during the past 2 years. This should be of no surprise. The large employers in biotech, semiconductors, and technology are global players. They learned their lesson well from the last […]

Reasonable Advice

Remarkably insightful about the current disparity between bonds and gold. Really, the choice comes down to whether you worry more about inflation or deflation. Even if you are convinced that the Fed won’t be able to rein in the excess money supply, the price of gold is far beyond what is predicted by current levels […]

What Makes Us Happy?

It may or may not be what you think. In general, pursuit of wealth after a certain amount ($75,000) does not bring additional happiness. Instead, I postulate that a stable source of earnings either from investments or work that one enjoys is much more important for one’s well-being. Of course, strong interpersonal relationships with frequent […]

Thought of the Day

Now that Republicans are in charge, will we see them revert to their typical behaviour? “Republicans when Democrats are ‘in charge’: “Oh my GOD look at the debt! We need to do something now or those tax and spend Democrats will ruin tha nation.” Republicans when the GOP is ‘in charge’: “Ronald Reagan taught us […]

Economics Humour

I particularly enjoyed the dancing pandas and TimmyG with “Government Sachs” on his back. A bit old, but quite funny.

3 Thoughts

Economics has postulated that humans are rational. Conservatives have extended this point into saying that if individual transactions are rational, markets must be efficient. Libertarians go on to say that efficient markets are a moral good and thus everything must be privatized. I find a problem with this chain of logic in that humans aren’t […]

Perverse Incentives

A more polite way would be to call them moral hazards, but we don’t pull any punches here, do we? The issue is again marriage. While alimony and property division are long-standing laws, they were designed for an archaic age when marriages served mostly as financial unions. Younger couples also entered with less individual property […]

Women’s Status in China

This afternoon, I had a mini conversation with Katy about the role of women. One question that struck me was where in the world offers the best opportunities for women today. Granted, there are a mix of factors: do you want freedom, equality, and protected rights or do you want to be taken care of? […]

China’s Territorial Struggles

One thing that is difficult for many western observers to understand is why China is so intent on asserting itself territorially. In reality, if they understood the Chinese psyche, it is not so difficult to grasp. An important component of East Asian life is the idea of “face”. It’s analogous to the Afghan ideal of […]