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Technocratic Philosopher Kings

MR strikes again, this time with a good helping of humour and serious discussion: Yancey Ward November 25, 2011 at 11:09 am Switzerland exports nothing? Bill November 25, 2011 at 11:26 am It exports chocolates and cheese, and imports hedge fund managers. Davis November 25, 2011 at 11:16 am in other words, the end of […]

On the Ground in Greece

Today’s just a short twitter-like post. The situation on the ground in Greece is deteriorating badly. Businesses are failing to collect on customers due to future-dated checks (what a concept!). Loan sharks charge outrageous rates. Suicides are up 40%. Everyone is nervous as heck about the future. Does Greece become the first failed modern state? […]

Tales From the Successful

Lest you think that the Occupy movement actually does represent the 99%, every so often I run into a financial blogger who introduces me to someone who’s got it made in life because he put his head down, worked hard, and saved. Here is MMM’s story about how he saved after starting his working life […]

Postmodern Feminism

Interesting posts on women’s issues have suddenly popped up all over the web. Here is a brief look at some good ones. Equality. It sure sounds sexy. As women move into previously male domains of life, they acquire some male tastes, and apparently rampant casual sex is one of them. There is an ongoing debate […]

What’s Good About America

In the eyes of one MR reader: The American things I miss when I’m overseas are: 1. Easy conversation in public. 2. Peanut butter. 3. No-questions-asked returns of purchases. 4. 5. 6. Thrift stores. 7. Harbor Freight tools and cheap tools in general. 8. Mechanics and repairmen who are competent. 9. Sharp tools […]

The Revolt of the Responsible

It’s been a bit of a theme lately in my posts, but I think that’s only appropriate given the prevailing political winds. A better title would be “The Revolt of the One-Marshmallow Kids”, but that one was first coined by a witty MR commentator. The comments on this article of seekingalpha can fill discussion in […]

More From The Atlantic

Great stuff from their comments section, as usual. On the insignificance of OWS demands in comparison to privations endured around the world: While there are cases of people are scrambling for food at that level of desperation, by and large, at least here, peoples’ experiences with being “poor” is more a function of not having […]

Fiscal Rectitude, Greg Mankiw Style

Mankiw’s at it again with an insightful piece on the possible futures for the US. Keep in mind his oft-repeated pithy meme about disincentives to work with higher marginal tax rates. Then think back to Colbert’s dig. Economists debate whether higher taxation in France and other European nations is the cause of the reduced work […]

More 1%-ism

I’ve become a fan of The Atlantic recently. Very good writing from McMegan, especially this article on mortgage writedowns. Also today are thoughts on how women shop and a slew of data about income inequality. All are excellent reads. As always for wonkish sites, the comments section is a delight to peruse. Other good sites […]

The Stock Market/Real Economy Divergence

Answer: US firms are increasingly deriving more and more of their income from global operations. So the stock indices may continue to do well while the average person may not be better off. The answer, as I’ve always maintained here, is not to fight the system and instead partake in the fruits of global corporations […]