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On Education

Mark Twain: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” Sorry for the disorganized thoughts here. My new vampire schedule takes some getting used to. The Star-Tribune has two articles focusing on schools. The first deals with school segregation. The issue seems to be minorities moving into what has been a historically white suburb […]

The Path to Prosperity

For most immigrants, the well-worn path to economic prosperity is through education. This is evident in the choice of professions of foreign-born parents and their children in enclaves on the coasts of the US. For these people, there are only 5 acceptable career choices: professor, banker, lawyer, doctor, and engineer. The warning bells have sounded […]

A Moribund 2011

Unemployment, segregation, earthquakes, floods. Oh my! Here’s to a better 2012.

Insights on the US Political Landscape

>The Democrats have become the party of technocracy, rationality, and discipline for the sake of the interests of the elite as a whole. >The Republicans have become the party of those fragments of the elite that wish to violate elite discipline for the sake of their own interests, even when those interests run counter to […]

Competition on Many Fronts

One of the problems with highly functional people is that they are neurotic about minute details. Another is that most of them are intensely competitive. My problem is that I have so limited time in which to be competitive with others who specialize in a certain area. It has always been this way. To adapt, […]