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A Mixomatous Day

What a busy week… Some good stuff happened. Some bad stuff happened. Regardless, overall it’s substantial enough to do a blog post on it. Bad stuff: Very little sleep, and waking up at 4AM the past 2 days. Blame Medtronic Case Competition and finals happening on the same day. Bad performance on the path lab […]

Some Issues In China

China just hiked interest rates today. But inflation is just one of many problems facing the country. Perhaps the biggest one is how to grow sufficiently to provide enough jobs for the many rural poor. As long as the government depresses the currency to give everyone export manufacturing jobs to solve employment, inflation will be […]

Bernanke Pics

People seem to be quite upset at the central banker, though much of it is undeserved. I’m such a big fan of the martyr system because people always believe the alternative is so much better. I mean, in 2008, we were standing at the edge of the abyss in terms of another Great Depression. It […]

How to Solve America’s Debt Crisis

Here’s a time-tested way to do this. It’s called “titles of nobility.” Who wouldn’t want to be the Duke of Cleveland, the Prince of Mississippi, Lord Seattle, or the Earl of Omaha? — Steve Gustafson I wonder what the going price for Duke of Hazard is. Or would it not qualify as a large enough […]

Plutocracy, Inflation, and the Coming Meltdown

There will be a market meltdown in 2012, likely caused by sovereign debt in developed countries and rampant inflation in raw materials and essentials such as grain and energy. Andy Xie details how the Fed’s printing presses have fueled asset bubbles in the stock market and commodity bubbles that will wreck their way through the world […]