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Singapore’s Secret

Also happens to be its great downfall. By narrowing the spread of intellect, ability, and creativity in its populace, Singapore has created a well-educated work force, an obedient citizenry, and a self-sufficient society. However, in the words of one of its citizens, the US has done well by widening the spread. Sure, there’s more poverty […]

Giving Up on American Girls

Well, I gave it a chance, but the past few experiences just haven’t worked out. I’m beginning to think it’s a particular quirk of American girls (indecisiveness, aloofness, high expectations, and preference for all things casual) that makes it difficult to interact with them. I mean, how realistic is it for a decidedly average girl […]

What Sells

The obviously stupid, according to Lilian. While we’re taught in business school that profits are to be made selling luxury items to the upper class, there’s plenty of room at the bottom as well (to borrow a line from Feynman). Ever wonder why someone like Rebecca Black (yes, I finally heard about this one) can […]

Links Update – How Applied Psychology Can Improve Your Life

Cultural norms of communication – There is an interesting dichotomy in how individuals communicate. The key seems to be that Americans don’t flirt with strangers, French don’t talk to strangers, and Brits don’t interact with strangers in any way. To that, Winston Churchill’s remark about sodomizing a guardsman comes to mind: “Makes you proud to […]