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Economics in Action

It’s all about the incentives. UAE is offering men $$$ to marry local women. Maybe China can do the same and convince local women to marry local men. Does power corrupt? Even women aren’t immune to its temptations. When in positions of power, women cheat just as much as men. When building a world-class city, […]

McDonalds More Selective than Harvard

Just wow… “Thursday, April 28, 5:20 PM McDonald’s (MCD) and its franchisees hire 62K people at an employment event this month, 24% more than originally planned. The company received more than 1M applications, thus making it easier to get into Harvard then snagging a job at Mickey D’s, Zero Hedge wryly notes.” —

Stanley Cup Playoffs (Second Round) Predictions

Last round: I was better at predicting the West than the East, but that’s to be expected. Made 1 wrong call in each conference, mainly by going for more upsets than there really were. Though I note that Chicago was *this* close to winning in 7 against Vancouver, as I predicted. I also counted on […]

The Video That’s Shaking the Blogosphere

Remarkably well done, I must say. Although it was slanted towards the Austrian view, it is comically true that Keynes is declared the winner by the masses (they just want to party on with government assistance and bailouts) and how ignored Hayek’s works (and name) are in society. A corollary of that video is this:

Grass is Always Greener

When I worked in software, I met investment bankers who made high 6 figures in their mid 20s. When I worked in finance, I met health professionals who did actually impactful work. When I work in health care, I am constantly reminded of software engineers who work regular hours and go home on weekends.

The Thinking Man's Babe Panel

The Thinking Man’s Babe Panel

First of all, apologies for what is going to be a post objectifying women. Now, with that out of the way, let me share some of the women around the world who set our hearts ablaze. However, being cosmopolitan and sophisticated, a hot cheerleader or trophy blonde will not suffice. No, we will only select […]

Valuation and Growth

Google is rightfully worried about Facebook’s growth. It’s amazing how quickly technology changes. Google surely remembers this as it was not 10 years ago that the company was a upstart disruptive force rather than an established stodgy giant. Facebook is the reason Google made bids for a piece of equity. It’s also the reason Google […]

Stanley Cup Playoffs (First Round) Predictions

(1) Canucks vs (8) Chicago: Chicago in 7. Yes, Vancouver is deep, but Chicago is the perfect team to match against them. Manny Maholtra, the anchor of the checking line, is gone for the playoffs. Dave Bolland, the game-changer for Chicago, is returning. Chicago has had Vancouver’s number for the past few years, and that […]

Links Roundup – Happiness, Sex, Incentives, and Regret

Amazing story about how women are willing to settle for whoever comes their way because of a discrepancy in college male:female ratios. Looks like women may be climbing up the corporate ladder and having professional success, but it’s lonely at the top. Furthermore, if men can get sex without much effort, why should they bother […]