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What I Learned in Berkeley

The old timers in the city who still hold to hippie ideals believe community is an important thing. They use it to justify rent control, high prices, and business collusion. Of course, the transient student population is nowhere near that liberal. Instead, with the increasingly Asian student body, money-making majors like business and engineering are […]

World Wealth Update

The world’s wealthy are truly different from the peasants (now we’re just waiting for the “peasant’s response“). Let’s take a look at what they’re up to. Silicon Valley has long been a hotbed of empires being built and fortunes being squandered. It’s where the common man, regardless of his humble origins, can aspire to the […]

Stanley Cup Playoffs (Conference Finals) Predictions

Still better predicting the West (got the teams and the # of games right) than the East (wrong). Oh well… comes from watching more Western Conference hockey. (1) Canucks vs (2) Sharks: Sharks in 6. Vancouver is overrated. They have a solid D-corps, I’ll admit that, but they really have only 2 forward lines of […]