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Germany and the US – A Study in Contrast

Why is it that Germany has so far been able to avoid a serious recession from the financial crisis? For one, as opposed to the PIGS, it held the line on wages throughout the boom years and never let them get out of line with productivity. PIGS on the other hand funded lavish pensions and […]

Partisan Discussion of Facts

The same news, posted by different websites and commented upon by different readership. Here’s a glossary for your reference. Marginal Revolution: Apolitical, leaning Libertarian. Professional audience across the political spectrum with polite but wonky discussions. Outside the Beltway: Nonpolitical, Classical Liberal ideology. Diverse audience with (usually) polite and more accessible discussions. Naked Capitalism: Pretty populist […]

Shrinking Government

Naked Capitalism has disabled comments from me, so I’ll post my thoughts on actual policies that can make the government more class-neutral. The ideal of course is a government that provides a basic safety net, incentive to work, create, and invest, and laws. One problem that always arises is a succession of partisan governments that […]

Interesting Observations in Immigration

Australia has done relatively well in the current downturn, helped in part by its mining industry. Interestingly, while reading through the comments section on an Economist post on Australia becoming the future California, I’ve found that its potential downfall may be in immigration. Australia and South Africa were the last Anglo countries to give up […]