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When Democracy Fails

Q: What to do when budget deficits are projected as far as the eye can see? A: Don’t be president when it happens. You’ll just go down in history as being the one responsible. Caveat: the great weakness of elected representation, just as with corporate executives focusing on quarterly earnings, is by taking a short-term […]

Cool-Sounding Rhetoric from The Economist

Wayne would be proud. The Economist evokes memories of lush WWII imagery with the following: Looking towards Berlin from their fastnesses in the Ruhr and southern Germany, they see only weak leadership, perverse decision-making and poor communication. These days many no longer bother making the trip to the capital. Emphasis mine. I didn’t know the […]

What I’m Eagerly Awaiting

In terms of movies, games, and other entertainment to be released in this coming year, there are plenty of things to keep me salivating. Sadly, Dance with Dragons was over far too quickly and hiking in the same outdoors can get old after a while. Here they are: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Deus Ex 3: […]

How Americans Greet

From AndrewL on Marginal Revolution: It is not okay to greet Americans with a kiss, It is only okay with the person you are intimate with (and it can only be one person at a time). You can only greet Americans with a firm hand-shake, awkward wave, half-hearted salute or embarrassed head nod. Get too […]