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Wisdom from Babes

Translation: Child at 2:04 says that she wants to be a corrupt official when she grows up because they have plenty of “things”.

Heretical thought of the day

I don’t care that Rachel Maddow is gay. I care more that she went to Stanford.

Why Advertising Does Not Work on Me

Strange revelation while reading Overdo$ed America’s section on the public demanding meds or procedures that they’ve seen on TV. I’ve always found it surprising that people are persuaded so easily by advertising to buy products that they don’t need. Professors tell me (for opposing reasons) in business and in sociology that consumers are surrounded and […]

The Truth About Obama

In reflecting on Mr. Obama’s campaign, I’d like to go back and review my own thoughts from then: A very agreeable and optimistic man. His slogan of “change” and “hope” is certainly refreshing in usually vitrolic campaigns, but they belie his lack of experience, especially on foreign policy. I’ll give him props to standing up […]

The New Novels

Novels are so 19th century. They’re slow to develop, boring to read, and often written in ye auld language. I mean, assigning Shakespeare, Chaucer, Beowulf, Virginia Woolf, etc. to modern schoolkids in the age of Twitter is just asking for failure. Even for educated and self-anointed sophisticated adults like myself, I much prefer books written […]

The Consequences of Intervention

NYT post piqued my interest this morning. Selected passage: “I swear to God what happened today is a horrible massacre, and we are not able to even describe it that the regime would use this violence against peaceful protesters,” said Bassem al-Sharjabi, a lawyer who is one of the protest leaders. “This is a crime […]

More Thoughts on Taxes

It’s simple. You can’t tax those that can get up and switch jurisdictions. Capital flight is easy in today’s world. Companies can relocate (see Haliburton) in a heartbeat to take advantage of lower tax rates or looser regulations. What about labour? While some of that movement is constrained by the international visa system, among US […]

Economics Humour

A few good central bankers may want to purchase Greece. Key passage: I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of price stability that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. — Jean-Claude Trichet

Heretical Thinking Roundup

David Brooks goes for stimulus Turning scientists into capitalists What can (really) be done to rev up the economy The perils of allowing women to choose mates (objectively) Is it good that America is becoming more productive? Maybe not. There are more jobs generated through waste and inefficiency. The supply and demand of female sexuality […]


Wayne must be proud. His congressman made the front page of NYT. Highlights from the comments: Writing as an Eisenhower Republican/Truman Democrat, I would like to observe that more and more of my generation in Maine, who grew up under civilized Republicans and Democrats, are so disgusted with the treasonous gangsters in the Neo-Republican Party […]