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More From The Atlantic

Great stuff from their comments section, as usual. On the insignificance of OWS demands in comparison to privations endured around the world: While there are cases of people are scrambling for food at that level of desperation, by and large, at least here, peoples’ experiences with being “poor” is more a function of not having […]

Fiscal Rectitude, Greg Mankiw Style

Mankiw’s at it again with an insightful piece on the possible futures for the US. Keep in mind his oft-repeated pithy meme about disincentives to work with higher marginal tax rates. Then think back to Colbert’s dig. Economists debate whether higher taxation in France and other European nations is the cause of the reduced work […]

More 1%-ism

I’ve become a fan of The Atlantic recently. Very good writing from McMegan, especially this article on mortgage writedowns. Also today are thoughts on how women shop and a slew of data about income inequality. All are excellent reads. As always for wonkish sites, the comments section is a delight to peruse. Other good sites […]

The Stock Market/Real Economy Divergence

Answer: US firms are increasingly deriving more and more of their income from global operations. So the stock indices may continue to do well while the average person may not be better off. The answer, as I’ve always maintained here, is not to fight the system and instead partake in the fruits of global corporations […]

The Evolution of Language

Per The Audacious Epigone, one of the more benign HBD-ers who is more interesting in observing racial differences than in using them to further prejudices and policy, the evolution of terms to describe demographic subgroups has always trended towards more PC and less offensive terms. Similarly to how negros became blacks and then African-Americans, sodomites […]

The Modern GOP

Per michael reynolds: The GOP has no real world plans, no programs, no ideas, no philosophy that holds together. They are intellectually bankrupt and utterly dominated by Wall Street whose own ideas don’t progress beyond, “Me want more.” All they have to run on is hatred of Obama. They hate him for passing RomneyCare and […]

American Free Trade Zone

US citizenship is now for sale to the highest bidder. We no longer live in a country; we now live in a trading zone. – Mr. America No, it’s not an ambitious extension of NAFTA and CAFTA. Rather, it’s a pointed comment about who government represents. US policies have been on the whole quite tilted […]

Occupy Goes Global

A few rushed thoughts: The occupy movement has

Labour Markets and Wages

The Greek public-school system is the site of breathtaking inefficiency: one of the lowest-ranked systems in Europe, it nonetheless employs four times as many teachers per pupil as the highest-ranked, Finland’s. — Source The same can be said for health care in the US. Unfortunately, some inefficiency has to be accepted for people to actually […]

Two Valid Sentiments

Resistible force, meet movable object. This is what happens when two almost perpendicular messages, both equally resonant in the public consciousness, collide. The first appeals to people’s sense of justice. Why do I have to be responsible for the follies and extravagance of others? Why do I have to bail out my neighbour’s mortgage when […]