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A Realistic Solution to the Eurozone Crisis

A breakup of both the Eurozone and the EC followed by tighter integration along historical (and one would argue cultural-linguistic) boundaries, resulting in: Francia (France+Monaco+Geneva+Wallonia+Luxembourg) with the franc (Motto: French is the only official language of the state) Iberian Union (Spain+Portugal) with the ducat (Motto: Remember the Navigator, and we want Gibraltar back) The Holy […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 3 – Calm Before the Storm

Having made my 3 day desert trip reservation for tomorrow, I decided to take an intervening day to explore the city of Marrakesh. In the morning, I take a shower for 10 dhm (cold water, of course) and proceed to meander through the narrow depopulated streets of the medina, occasionally running into small boys who […]

A Scary Proposition

To brighten your day, or to darken it depending on your perspective – Reagan as a lich.

The Pitfalls In Learning Languages

Ah, languages. They are lovely to hear, stressful to learn, and quick to be forgotten. But one interesting observation that someone at The Atlantic has made is that native speakers and foreign language learners have trouble understanding each other. On the surface, this is easy to understand. Someone learning the foreign language in school usually […]

The New Normal

Such a trite term, but it’s an appropriate one to describe Tyler Cowen’s excellent assessment of the future of the US economy. Recent economic changes such as the RMB’s rise vs the USD has caused some manufacturers to relocate to the US. Historically, even though employment levels in manufacturing has been falling, high US productivity […]

The FIRE Lifestyle

Along the way I’ve met a wide range of travelers, from hardcore backpackers spending years wandering the world to permanent expats who have moved overseas (usually to teach English) to short term leisure travelers who will then return to an office job. But regardless of duration or permanence, these people all share an abiding enjoyment […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 2 – Night Wanderings

Getting a bit fuzzy on days/nights here due to time zone switching, so this day will take place starting from my arrival in Morocco. Easyjet really impressed me despite its reputation for being a budget airline. The plane had comfortable seats. Baggage limits are strict but reasonable, and agents often let borderline bags slide without […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 1 – Managing Sleep

Setting off on day 1 I had an early departure flight, which made sense to stay awake all night and try to sleep on the plane. The first leg took me from SFO to Charlotte, which I had read all about on the US Airways in-flight magazine. Apparently it’s quite a large city, mildly diverse/cosmopolitan, […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 0 – What to Pack

Deciding what to pack is always an important part of every backpacking journey. After a few trips over the years, I’ve finalized things to a good balance in packing just enough – not too much to burden a backpacker with just one carry on and not too little to cause hassle. If one needs to […]

What I’m Listening to These Days

Antje Duvekot does it again. A masterful album with deep insightful lyrics. Be respectful, as this is a remarkably personal collection of thoughts. Others in the blogosphere seem to agree. Here’s a sample: Another of my favs, Nolwenn Leroy released an alum entitled Bretonne about her native region in France. While I have not been […]