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Why Innovating is so Hard

Innovation is difficult, so proclaims the WSJ. In fact, it has been so pronounced that as we look back on what has changed or improved since 2000, there has been incremental evolution in many areas but more often duds, or trifles. The exception of course is Apple, which even I have to admit is bold […]

Bearish on Silicon Valley

I’m bearish on Silicon Valley’s future, and I’ve taken to letting my parents know in terms of not concentrating all their real estate wealth in the area. Here is my reasoning: 1. High cost of living: The SF Bay Area is second to New York in cost of living in the US. Although one may […]

The Latest on Female Selectivity

One would expect that China, given the huge surplus of men, would have no problems for the women to find dates. However, as is commonly the case with too much choice, it has made the women a bit snobby and excessively selective. So you have the paradox of single women and single men but no […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 6 – Fessian Nights

[Author’s note] As stories are wont to do, there is growing in the telling. Not in the accuracy of the exact events, mind you; I value my journalistic integrity, after all, but rather in the length. I expect to have completed a solid length novel by the time everything is blogged, extrapolating from word count. […]