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Miniaturizing Life – Combo Devices

One point of my goal of miniaturizing life (in more detail in both a past and future post) is minimizing the size and number of electronic gadgets. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve been hugely useful in reducing waste and space. Instead of paper files in cabinets, we can have digitized records all on one hard […]

Type I and Type II Fun

At the end of my ID rotation, the group celebrated at a nearby bar. The staff doctor ordered Sierra Nevada pale ale for the whole group, and in the discussion, the concept of hobbies and fun came up. So there is type I and type II fun, defined thusly: Type I: things one does for […]

More About Greedy Nurses

I’m in their break room doing some work and happen to overhear their conversations. “I’m out of PTO. What can I do?” “Call in sick and sign up for red alert shift at the same time.” “Yeah, good idea. That way I’ll get overtime pay as well.” Such blatant talk about income. And the public […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 8 – Legacy of the Romans

Short diary. This expedition will mostly focus on pictures. Edit: *sigh* a story grows in the telling, yet again, and this one looks to be long with much historical background.   Woke up bright and early and packed the bags intending to take a bus to Meknes. However, we had trouble figuring out how to […]

It’s About Power

As Buffy said in season 5 and 7, “it’s about power.” And money, to a certain extent. That is the truth behind the struggles between midlevels (DNP, CRNAs in particular) and physicians. Midlevels are increasingly taking positions that physicians are abandoning due to poor reimbursement. That’s not a problem by itself; there’s a great role […]

Arab World Trip 2012 – Day 7 – The Couscous Crisis

[Author’s note] For Nat’s sake, these next few entries will hopefully see less of a delay, due to better-written and more comprehensive notes. After all, it seems that these are the only things she enjoys reading on my blog.   We got up this day at 8:30 (darn Daylight Savings Time) and were treated to […]

Chinese Real Estate Bubble

This wonderful post fluttered into my inbox today, featuring a cultural defense of how/why Chinese are pumping up asset bubbles in many parts of the world (Vancouver, Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong, SF Bay Area). As most of us have known when dealing with our parents, the stability and tangibility of an asset is important for […]