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Funny Stories About Debt

Rapidly becoming one of my more frequented sites is thebillfold, which features stories that border on the unbelievable about individuals getting out of debt. There’s this one about becoming a [temporary] gay prostitute. Side note: women should be paid less for the same job compared to men because they always have the option of falling […]

Miniaturizing Life – Online Presence and Privacy

The Germans are famously paranoid about personal information online, so much so that some I’ve met refuse to use their real name in things as seemingly innocuous as Facebook profiles. I’ve always poo-pooed the idea as overly conservative, but recent events may have caused me to reevaluate my stance towards online profiles and personal information disclosure. Oh […]

Living Purposefully – Basics of Being Happy

Nat has always been a fun and happy person, which explained much of my initial attraction. In general, that trend applies across the board in all interactions. People don’t seem to enjoy the company of the dour and glum (I’m looking at you, Gordon Brown and Al Gore). In fact, a patient just recently accused […]

Nerdy Economics Humour

From the comments: Sumner: By reducing the money supply, Alex is also reducing South Korean wages and causing low marginal productivity South Koreans to go unemployed. Krugman: This is the type of idiotic austerity that only a Republican would push onto a country. Keynes: The reduction in money supply is negligible compared to the fiscal […]

Miniaturizing Life – Clothing

Another post on my new favourite topic – lifehacking! It’s all about living life purposefully, focusing on what *really* matters, and living light, not letting the hassle of maintaining “things” get in the way of meaningful new experiences. This episode will deal with clothing. I say this because for most people in the world with […]

The Problem With Julia

What is it with the name Julia to be associated with tears? Been chugging through The Magician Kings now (a fantastic read; thanks for the rec, Mike), and the amount of sorrow is overwhelming even compared to the first book. Urban fantasy is definitely now on my radar after Lev Grossman and Amber Benson (and […]

What’s Next For Me

Just finished with the EM rotation. Man, it was a blast. I’ve never had so much professional growth in so short a time before. The staff were all wonderful and constantly challenged me to think more critically and broadly. My base of medical knowledge increased for sure. However, the rotation was demanding with the constant […]

Savers and Spenders

I just had a sudden epiphany. In the US, 70% of GDP is driven by consumer spending. In China, a similar number is driven by forced savings channeled into investment (real estate, mines, highway projects). In some schools of economic thought, the type of spending doesn’t matter, just the quantity. But really, the problem is […]

Lifehacking – Credit Card Lineup

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. That is, how to have the best collection of credit cards to maximize rewards. I pay off all balance in full each month, so things like balance transfer, APR, grace periods don’t matter to me. What does matter is how much cash back reward and whether […]